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provisional ranking (subject to the findings of the National Office of the Civil Service competence).

Launching the National Civil Service for 8 selected young, 10 January 2018 at the headquarters of "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus

via Breath 103 Pescara




Civil service. Full Announcement 2017

The Department of Youth and the National Civil Service at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers has published a call for the selection of 585 volunteers to be employed in projects of National Civil Service in the Abruzzo Region.

The Association “Domenico Allegrino” Onlus activate a project entitled “Health is for everyone” for a total of n. 8 volunteers.


ALLEGATO6-project summary diagram “Health is for everyone”


Except for members of the military and the police, They can participate in the selection of the young people who at the date of submission of the application have completed the eighteenth and not exceeded the twenty-eighth year of age, meet the following requirements:

  • EU citizens;
  • Non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy;
  • not have been convicted even if not definitive to the penalty of imprisonment for one year for an intentional crime or to a punishment of imprisonment even lower amount to a crime against the person or concerning detention, use, porto, transport, import or unlawful export of weapons or explosive materials, or for crimes related to membership in or aiding subversive groups, terrorist or organized crime.

They can not apply for young people:

  • We have already paid national civil service, or they have interrupted the service before the deadline, or the date of publication of this announcement are engaged in the implementation of the national civil service projects within the meaning of Law No. 64 of the 2001, or for the implementation of the European Youth Guarantee Program;
  • We have pending with the entity implementing the project labor relations or collaboration paid in any capacity, or who have had such relations in the previous period exceeding three months.

Not constitute a cause precluding the submission of the national civil service to have already played the civil service within the European program Warranty Young and within the European experimental project IVO4ALL or interrupting the national civil service at the end of enforcement proceedings to be borne originated from volunteers reporting.

The request drawn up using the model shown in Annex 2 accompanied by a photocopy of a valid identity document and accompanied by the form of Annex 3 (containing data on securities held) It must be deliveredwithin hours 14:00 of the 26 June 2017 in one of the following ways:

– hand at the headquarters of "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus Via Alento n. 103 65129 Pescara

– by registered A / R at the Association "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus Via Alento n. 103 65129 Pescara

(attention no postmark, the recommended must physically arrive within the time specified);

  • via PEC at domenicoallegrino@pec.it exclusively by an e-mail address certified headed the same candidate, making sure to enclose all required documentation in pdf format.

The requests submitted at locations and in different ways from those indicated will not be taken into account.

Remember that you can only submit one application form for a single project worth National Civil Service exclusion.

For more information on the projects and support for completing the application, you can contact at the headquarters Association's "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus.

For more information:
phone: 085.34312848
e-mail: info@domenicoallegrino.it
web: www.domenicoallegrino.it



Bando Regione Abruzzo

Allegato2 – Admission request

Allegato3 – securities Statement


The selections will take place at the Association “Domenico Allegrino”  Pescara Via Breath 101, foreground
The dates of the selections for the project “Health is for everyone” are the following:
ORE 9.00 – 11.00  Letters by name A – BALL
ORE 11.00 – 13.00 Letters for last BAR – BR
ORE 15.00 – 17.00  Letters for last C -CAR
ORE 17.00 – 19.00 Letters for last CIOs – COL
 ORE 9.00 – 11.00  Letters to name WITH – D’OL
ORE 11.00 – 13.00 Letters for surname D'NGOs – D'OT
ORE 15.00 – 17.00  Letters for surname DAM – NI
ORE 17.00 – 19.00 Letters for surname DE RO – MA
 ORE 9.00 – 11.00  Letters for DI PA surname – BE
ORE 11.00 – 13.00 Letters by name FR – HE
ORE 15.00 – 17.00  Letters by name LAN – MAN
ORE 17.00 – 19.00 Letters for last Tues. – NAT
 ORE 9.00 – 11.00  Letters for last CAP – EIA
ORE 11.00 – 13.00 Letters for last PIG – RIC
ORE 15.00 – 17.00  Letters by name SB – SP
ORE 17.00 – 19.00 Letters for last TAM – UK
Any changes of dates or times out above will be published by 15 days before the date of the selection.
Introduce yourself to the selection with a valid identity document.
For information please contact the number3474704320

The Association “Domenico Allegrino” requested accreditation at the Abruzzo region for submission of projects for civil service.


What is Civil Service Nation

National Civil Service, started as an alternative to mandatory service of lever, abolished by 1 January 2005 by art. 1 of L. 23 August 2004 n. 226, It takes place on a voluntary basis only. And’ a way to defend the homeland, a defense that should not be referred to the territory of the State and the protection of its external borders but in the sharing of common values underpinning the democratic order.
the law 6 March 2001, n. 64 “Establishment of the national civil service” published in the official journal. 68 of the 22 March 2001, sets the normative bases for the implementation of projects of civil service, gives the opportunity to young people aged 18 AI 28 years to dedicate a year of his life in favor of a pledge of solidarity understood as a commitment for the good of all and of each individual, and then as the value of the quest for peace.
The voluntary service ensures young people a strong educational and formative, giving an opportunity for personal growth, an opportunity of education for active citizenship, a valuable tool to help the most vulnerable of society contributing to social development, cultural and economic development of our country. Those who choose to engage in voluntary Community Service for twelve months, choose to add a qualifying experience to their knowledge expendable throughout working life which can turn into opportunities for future work.
The national civil service allows accredited organisations to use young and motivated staff, that, spurred by the possibility of living a qualifying experience in the field of social solidarity and ensuring a minimal economic independence, guarantees a continuous and effective service.
The areas in which it is possible to pay the national civil service can be traced to the sectors: assistance, civil protection, environment, artistic and cultural heritage, education and cultural promotion, civil service abroad.


Principles and purpose

The national civil service volunteer is established by the law 64/01 It provides in art. 1 achieve the purposes and principles listed below:
  • compete, as an alternative to compulsory military service, the defense of the homeland with non-military means and activities;
  • promote the realization of the constitutional principles of social solidarity;
  • promoting solidarity and cooperation, nationally and internationally, with particular regard to the protection of social rights, to human services and education for peace among peoples;
  • participate in the preservation and protection of the heritage of the Nation, with particular regard to environmental, also under the aspect of agriculture in mountain areas, Forester, historic-artistic, cultural and civil protection;
  • contribute to civic education, social, young people through cultural and professional activities in organizations and administrations operating abroad


How to participate

The national civil service is open to all Italian citizens, as voluntary choice, they are accompanied by physical fitness than the chosen project, who are at least eighteen years of age and who have not passed the 28th. May be chosen from those who have completed the compulsory military service, in the form of armed service or civil service, provided they are in possession of the qualifications required in the contract notices. Projects include the commitment of young people, for 12 months not repeatable, in the areas of assistance, dell’ambiente, of civil protection, culture and education or activities carried out abroad.


The requirements to apply

The requirements for applying for the national civil service, as provided by art. 3 the d. Lgs. 77/2002, are:
  • aged 18 and the 28 years;
  • be Italian citizens;
  • enjoy civil and political rights;
  • not have been convicted by a judgment of first instance for crimes committed using violence against persons or not culpable for crimes relating to subversive groups or membership of organised crime.


Where and how to apply

The Office, National or regional, publishes the notice of selection on the Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana or the BURA Abruzzo region which may apply for a single project, penalty of exclusion, all persons in possession of the qualifications required by law …, indicated in the specific paragraph.
The individual institutions proposer projects may require additional specific requirements proposed activities: in that case, for access to the selection, It is mandatory to have the additional requirements.
Unable to apply the youth:
  • without the above requirements;
  • providing or have already paid civil service as volunteers, or that have stopped the civil service before the deadline;
  • they have going with the entity that realizes a new project, collaborative working relationships or remunerated for any reason, or who have had such relations in the previous year.
At the premises of the projects, at the end of the schedule in the notice, the interviews with each candidate. Draw up a list of eligible volunteers breeders and shall submit to the competent Office, approved the ranking, contact directly the youth and the institution to communicate task start.


What benefits they get volunteers

  • 433,80 € NET plus contributions;
  • the opportunity to get closer to a reality and to test their skills by learning how to do something;
  • General training on voluntary service and project implementation sector-specific training;
  • each project has its own “room amenities” non-economic incentives and credits (training credits, internships, Board and lodging, etc.). It is necessary to ascertain what the projects and assess their interest;
  • recognition, for the period of civil service provided, General compulsory insurance for invalidity and old age;
  • national health care recognition.