THE "GOLDEN GARDENS” stems from the desire to involve retired people in employment activities, in order to break the isolation and to encourage socializing and meeting. The gardens are allotted free of charge to those who request it. The same also represent a point of encounter and confrontation between the grantees and the younger generation.

The gardens were established in 2006 in the heart of Fontanelle, one of the sensitive areas of the city of Pescara (Via Fosso Tschafon, between Tiburtina and Fontanelle), on private land 5.000 square meters, leased out for free for one year to those who made the request.

Every garden is 75 mq, provided with irrigation system and indicated with the name of a value: brotherhood, friendship, joy, pace ecc. The project is aimed at RETIRED devoid of properties and not in possession of land, HOUSEHOLDS WITHOUT INCOME, MONO AND LOW INCOME FAMILIES, YOUNG UNEMPLOYED, ASSOCIATIONS WITH PURPOSE’ SOCIAL.

The project of “Domenico Allegrino”, to date, covers two sites in the Municipality of Pescara: the first, opened in 2006 in Via Fosso Tschafon, includes 40 allotments 75 mq; the second, opened in October 2013 and which extends for 1.500 mq. in your Lagonegro, includes 10 gardens.

To join the project and know more on how to free allocation of Orti, You can contact the Association “Domenico Allegrino” Onlus al numero (+39) 085.4312848, go to the dedicated website at or send an e-mail to