Association “Domenico Allegrino”

“There is a growing solidarity, man grows”

The Association “Domenico Allegrino” Onlus born Pescara nel 2004 and is inspired by a person, Domenico Allegrino, who believed in the solidarity mission and worked, giving a concrete example through every aspect, staff, professional, social, of their lives. Therefore, Association named after him intervenes to support through the satisfaction of real needs, the value of the human being and to help spread the culture of solidarity.

Domenico Allegrino, a profile

Domenico was born in Lanciano Allegrino (Ch), the 29 August 1933 in a family of five children.

Person decisive, with great determination and lit the spirit of sacrifice, Domenico, starting from the severe hardships imposed by the war and by a long, hard apprenticeship vocational, over the years builds a life of commitment and successes, to become an entrepreneur and public administrator.

Family, work and friendship in the Faith are the three strong points of Domenico.

Generosity, desire to do for others, communication are the traits that characterize her figure and that most impacted those who knew him.

Domenico Allegrino
Domenico Allegrino
Domenico, Mayor of Pescara
Domenico, Mayor of Pescara

Person also has great humility, not “The Prince” biography of dedicated, is described with these words: “…I always thought of Dominic as the house bread, substantial and without many adjectives. And’ the person to whom you can really trust, is the friend, one who is always” (Of “The Prince”, Dedicated to Domenico Allegrino” ediz. Pierre Congress 1997 the. 55).

Majella in the Tribune the Stadio Adriatico in Pescara, tribune's dedicated, stands a phrase that well represents: “A Domenico Allegrino, Mayor of Pescara, Man of Peace, example of joy and friendship in Sport“.

But Dominic was also able to force, courage and optimism, to deal with serious health problems, to undergo two liver transplants, three bypass and removal of the spleen.

Even his ability to cope with the disease and the dignity of his life and of his dying, make it a great example and an incentive to do good for others.

Domenico à born to eternal life 29 March 1999 and the memory of his desire to do for others, remains very much alive in the Association “Domenico Allegrino”, that his family wanted to establish 5 years after his death to continue to practice that spirit of solidarity that he has left as an example.

Domenico and ospedale.
Domenico and ospedale.


He has made it possible:

Domenico with Pope John Paul II
Domenico with Pope John Paul II
  • – the publication of the book “… Guido is nice to live”, ed Pierre Congress 1993 Pescara
  • – publication Ciofani – Ciofani “Removal of organs” Verducci publisher, 2000



He is entitled:

– Il book “The Prince. Dedicated to Domenico Allegrino” And . Pierre Congress 1997, Pescara

– The Association “Domenico Allegrino” non-profit organization, Pescara 2004

– The Polisportiva “Domenico Allegrino” Pescara 2005

– The National Association of hemodialysis ANED, section of Lanciano (CH) 2006

– The Award ASSOCRAL Abruzzo 2006

– La Piazza Domenico Allegrino, Lanciano (CH) 2007

– The Tribune Majella the Stadio Adriatico in Pescara 2008

– La Piazza Domenico Allegrino, Badia in Frisa 2009

– Section AIA Italian Referees Association of Pescara 2009

– The editions “Sì all’Uomo” National Award by Domenico Allegrino 2007 to date