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"My father" is the theme of the 14th edition of the photography contest, Design Association and free thought "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus. The President Antonella Allegrino: "Since the first edition, about 17 thousand participants who had the opportunity to reflect on social issues, topical, rights and human values ​​".

  It will be dedicated to the father figure, the 14th edition of photography contest, design, poetry and free thinking promoted by the "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus. The initiative, created to stimulate reflection on topics ... READ MORE

by 10 October applications for the award of the Association of gold Orti "Domenico Allegrino" non-profit organization. Antonella Allegrino: "initiative, started in 2006, to promote active longevity of persons belonging to the third and fourth age "

For grandparents who want to stay active, socialize and cultivate the land, there is the possibility of treating a vegetable garden, from sowing to harvesting vegetables. The initiative of the "Domenico Allegrino" non-profit organization, that from ... READ MORE