"My father", at the start of the fourteenth edition of the contest promoted by the Onlus Allegrino

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COMPETITION –Now in its fourteenth edition of the annual photography competition, design, poetry and free thinking promoted by the "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus, that annually registers an impressive involvement of participants, by little guests of the kindergartens and the many schools involved in many adults, embracing and involving all generations.

The title of this year"My father".

THEME: With this topic we want to stimulate reflection on a key figure in the life of every child. Engine and family authority, the father is a landmark in the growth of each individual, symbol of compliance, strong and sure guide on the path that leads to know and face reality, capable of hugs and caresses, but also reproaches. In the past stern and aloof educator, Today playmate, friend and confidant, support and Mother helping. The father, positive or negative, influence the process leading to the construction of its own identity, the esteem and consideration of ourselves, confidence in tomorrow, being prospective parents.

HOW TO ENTER –Participation in the competition is free, open to all, and we have to compete with new works.

Are provided 4 sections of competition: photography, design, poetry and free thought.

The prize for the selected works will be the publication of the same, with the indication of the author, on the calendar 2019 the non-profit organization called"My father".

DELIVERY OF WORKS - The works must be received bySaturday 10 November 2018. Each, adequately characterized by the title and the generality of the author in capitals, It must be filed directly with the Secretariat of the Competition: Association "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus - Via Alento, 103 – 65129 Pescara.In alternative, it will be possible to send works via mail, at the same address: He will be the postmark.

REGISTRATIONS - Here you can download theBrochure with the complete contest rules andregistration form.

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