"Love is Free", final event photos and videos XII edition of the competition organized by the Association "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus.

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From 2004 l’Association "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus It represents an important landmark in the social and voluntary sectors in Abruzzo, exerting concrete solidarity through awareness-raising initiatives, events and support works in favor of those most in need of help. And twelve years made by special appointment that animates, with ever increasing enthusiasm, the beginning of the year for volunteers, the members and all those participating in the various initiatives planned by the non-profit organization. So it was on the occasion of’final event of the XII edition of the "LOVE AND 'FREE', which also saw the prize of the annual photography contest, design, poetry and free thought promoted and produced by.

As every year the competition, completely free of charge, there was massive participation of over 1.600 people: the little guests of the nursery and primary schools, the boys of secondary, to the many adults, until the third age, including some ninety, demonstrating that the theme embraces and affects all generations. Participated in the competition 18 Educational institutions of Pescara, Montesilvano, Spoltore, Peoples, Civitella Casanova, Civitaquana, Bussi sul Tirino, Farindola, Vasto (Chieti), Navelli and Capistrano (L'Aquila), and the winners were 157.

The winning works of Pescara on the stage of the Auditorium "Flaiano" were included on the calendar 2017 Association, one of the most important examples of the relationship between the charity and the territory, which is distributed free of charge.

The theme chosen this year for the competition wanted to stimulate a profound reflection on the love, welcomed in all its forms, within the couple, of the family, among friends, God and, in general, against their fellow, It is the foundation of our being, not only as a movement of the soul, but also as a concrete life commitment – explained Antonella Allegrino, President of the Association – We can not, indeed, limit ourselves to feel it and declare it; love asks to be lived, not according to the logic of barter, but in the light of an unconditional gratuity. Love becomes a gift and hugging each other, as he is, offering time, listening, participation, interest, acceptance, thus creating a new and revolutionary logic of family life, social and political, driving a renewed society, able to draw new interpersonal relationship, off conflicts and stimulate the dynamism of charity "

The event opened with a thrilling performance to street artist tissues Benedetta Cuzzi, followed by impressive singing performance of Benedetta writers, young singer Pescara and from reading deep thoughts on love, extrapolated from all competition entries and interpreted by Pierluigi Lorusso, Lorenzo Values ​​and Jamal Mouawad, actors of the theater workshop of Misticoni-Bellisario high school in Pescara.

After these interventions, there was the presentation of numerous special mentions. including that in Diletta Berardi, of the class 4 A primary school "Ilaria Alpi" in Pescara, awarded along with his entire family for telling in the text written for the contest the story of a special little brother, a child that his parents, despite having already 7 sons , welcomed home in foster care with a great gesture of love and altruism. The event continued with the awarding of all the winners and special thanks to the leaders and teachers who guided the students in the realization of the works. A special moment of the event was dedicated to the memory of Rita Trivellone, Voluntary Association recently disappeared after coordinated for almost ten years, with great generosity and willingness to help others, the nursing staff of the Clinic of Via Alento.

"Love is Free" follows the first eleven editions of the competition entitled respectively: “Grandparents wealth for life”, year 2006; “Pace Pace Pace”, year 2007; “What color is the skin of God?”, year 2008; “Our Mother Earth”, year 2009; “Who finds a friend finds a treasure”, year 2010; “Free and equal"Year 2011; “Sister water, source of life”, year 2012; “We and the Others”, year 2013; “The tree and its roots”, year 2014; "It grows solidarity, grows the man ", year 2015; “A boat to live”, year 2016 .Each edition was dedicated to a topic of particular interest for the community and for the territory.


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