Stories of humanity full of emotions edition 2016 National Award “Sì all’Uomo, Domenico Allegrino”.

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The "Yes Man" It is what distinguishes the National Award Domenico Allegrino”, the event which gathers the testimonies, small or large, but always heroic, of those who choose in their lives to give themselves to others without reserve, giving up a bit’ self to make room for solidarity, courage, forgiveness and charity. Storie, the most diverse, that often bloom in silence and it is for this reason that the prize gives them a voice in the hope of throwing altruism seeds. Now in its tenth edition, the initiative has been realized for the first time in 2007 – on the occasion of the death anniversary of Dominic Allegrino (29 March 1999) – Association named after him. Frame of the event, that every year has seen a huge audience participation, Petruzzi the auditorium of Pescara. Antonella Allegrino, President of the non-profit organization, at the opening of the event, He underlined the sense of initiative:

"Gives 10 years suggest the testimonies of ordinary people who are capable of doing something special, to welcome, to stand beside and listening difficulties, the pain and suffering of others. These are stories that tell a 'good’ that makes little noise and, instead, is what most impact on our society and on which we must rely more. The prize - continued – It has been focused this year on immigration, on which we have started a long reflection and organized the contest 'A boat to live', for schools. The winners are people who have expressed in different ways the value of hospitality and solidarity is hoped that, through their testimonies, It was launched a message of peace and brotherhood. We want to live in a strong continent, solid and determined in solidarity with the migrants. The Diversity is a continuous growth, each of us is called to do their part. It must open up to others, which they are part of us and not someone from whom one has to defend ".
A message that was shared by the winners: Pietro Bartolo, doctor in Lampedusa, Professor Antonio Silvio Calò, who welcomed in her home in Treviso six migrants, and Mousa Shala, young Egyptian who foiled a robbery in Turin despite being without a residence permit. Especially touching was the testimony of Bartolo (Opening in pictures during the interview), which was also the protagonist of the documentary Gianfranco Rosi, “Fuocoammare”, winner of’“Golden Bear” at the Berlin Festival (Germany). The doctor, that more than 25 years of work has visited about 280 thousand migrants, He recounted moving episodes like the guy who carried on his shoulders the whole journey of hope, dall’Africa a Lampedusa, the disabled brother to rescue him or a girl torn to death as he had been locked in one of the bags used to house the bodies. “E’ a duty of every man welcome, no one can refuse in front of those who need help. I'm not a hero, It does what is right to do - he said – I can not call them illegal, are people like us. I think of a baby of six months, than a year, that the crime committed to be regarded as illegal? So we are all illegals!”.

Of extraordinary humanity also the story of Calo and his wife Nicoletta (pictured above rewarded by Fioravante Allegrino), who have welcomed home, by June, six immigrants landed on Lampedusa and become for them as children. “E’ a very nice experience, Now we are much more rich in humanity – He explained Professor – And’ hard look at certain images on TV and turn away, There is a conscience that cries. One day, after learning of yet another tragedy at sea, I went to the prefecture and I gave my availability to host some immigrants. They looked at me strangely, but ours was a simple gesture that has become extraordinary ". Mrs. Calo added: "We opened the door because our life was being pierced by this fleeing humanity. We realized that we spilled on him a world of good ".

Even that of the young Egyptian Shala, He arrived in Italy on a boat, it was a very intense witness. His courage inspired him, in January, to foil a robbery at a supermarket in Turin despite being without a residence permit.

"I have not thought of anything, only to save the girl and to stop the robber – He told with the help of his brother translational TamerThere were many people, but no one intervened. I think what I did is normal ". Moussa (pictured left to be awarded Cindi Cinotti), after his gesture, He has been granted permission to stay and found an odd job that allows him to remain in Turin along with three brothers.
The black and white photos of connoted Stefano Schirato, Abruzzo photographer host of the event, who portrayed faces, looks, suffering and despair on his journey together with migrants along the Balkan route, from the Greek island Lesbos to Austria. "I realized that this multitude of people we see on the news and we read in the newspapers, not a face – explained – Yet it is a story that goes to 500 km from our house, I thought it was right for a reporter to go and see what happens ". A Schirato was presented with a plaque for his work to raise awareness (pictured right).

Very impressive performance even Giorgio Di Pietrantonio (pictured above), composer and multi-instrumentalist, who performed songs with three ethnic instruments. The event was also attended by students of some classes of middle school "Giovanni Pascoli”, Istituto Di Marzio-Michetti and art school Misticoni-Bellisario. Bartolo yesterday visited the clinic and met volunteers Allegrino (in the second picture in the upper right) Medical Center with whom hath been entertained for a long time to tell his stories (beautiful and above all bad) by day and night medical volunteer in the dock on the island of Sicily where almost every day landed many immigrants fleeing poverty, war, torture and violence.

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