"A boat to live…”, photos and final event videos XI edition of the competition promoted by "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus.

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For eleven years the Association "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus is one of the certainties in the social and voluntary sectors in Abruzzo, exerting concrete solidarity through awareness-raising initiatives, events and support works in favor of those most in need of help. It is eleven years made by special appointment that animates, with ever increasing enthusiasm, the beginning of the year for volunteers and members of the Association. So it was on the occasion of’the final event of the XI edition of the "A boat to live…”, which also saw the prize of the annual photography contest, design, poetry and free thought promoted and produced by.

As every year the competition, completely free of charge, there was massive participation of over a thousand people, the little guests of the primary schools and many schools involved in many adults, demonstrating that the theme embraces and affects all generations. Participated in the competition 15 Educational institutions of Pescara, Peoples, Navelli, Spoltore, Bussi sul Tirino, Vasto, and the winners, rewarded with the publication of their work on the calendar, were 149.

The winning works this afternoon in Pescara on the stage of "Flaiano" were included on the calendar 2016 Association, one of the most significant evidence of the relationship between the NPO and the territory, which is distributed free of charge.

The theme chosen this year for the competition wanted to stimulate a reflection on a topic more relevant than ever and felt by all the drama of information and images that now every day the media broadcast.

Talk about immigration today, It means talking about a sea change that affects not only Italy but the entire European continent - Said the President, Antonella AllegrinoAnd’ a social phenomenon, politico, economic growing, that's about the present and the future of humanity, of each of us, and for that divides the opinions and consciences. Often, however,, in comparison and in the clash, we forget that we talk about the value of human life because in the game there are real lives of real people: women, men, children fleeing war and poverty by challenging all kinds of bad things and adversity and endanger their lives with the sole purpose of groped at all costs to embrace better”.

The event opened with an exciting dance show, light and sound show on the theme of immigration, staged by students school girls "Encore Ballet&Fit "in Pescara, directed by Paola D'Intino.

Following, on the stage of "Flaiano" they rose some children and young contest winners, who read their poems accompanied, on background, from the nice video on immigration made by boys 3ª At the secondary school level "Pastures", belongs to the Institute including Pescara 4, assisted by Professor Federica Taviani.

Immediately after, one of the most touching moments of the day, with the testimony of Efrem Huruy, a political exile arrived in Italy from Eritrea. Ephrem spoke of the enormous difficulties of his journey, the motivations that led him to undertake a journey so long and stormy, and his arrival in Italy, have many more migrants, welcomed in the reception center in Lampedusa.

After him, to reflect more qualified on immigration, I climbed on stage two operators that are committed every day, and a palpable as complex as the phenomenon of immigration. It is Patrick Guobadia, Regional Immigration Office Manager and CGIL Fabrizio De Lellis, Caritas representative for "SPRAR" projects (Central Service of the protection system for asylum seekers and refugees) e “LaPe Dream”. With them he wanted to take stock of the problem, deepening specifically also the Italian situation.

A margin of these two interventions, Antonella Allegrino called on stage Representatives of Migrants Coordination of Abruzzo Region in the audience, to gather their impressions.

Once the part more properly institutional, the event was started towards the close with the awarding of all the winners of the contest, remember, It follows the first ten editions entitled respectively: “Grandparents wealth for life”, year 2006; “Pace Pace Pace”, year 2007; “What color is the skin of God?”, year 2008; “Our Mother Earth”, year 2009; “Who finds a friend finds a treasure”, year 2010; “Free and equal"Year 2011; “Sister water, source of life”, year 2012; “We and the Others”, year 2013; “The tree and its roots”, year 2014; "It grows solidarity, grows the man ", year 2015. Each edition was dedicated to a topic of particular interest for the community and for the territory.

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