“Sì all’Uomo – National Award Domenico Allegrino”: foto e video integrale. L’edizione 2015 rewards stories Domenico Fazzari, Fire Department of Pescara, Mariella and Mino Cantamessa.

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The "Yes Man" is what distinguishes the "National Award Domenico Allegrino". The event gathers the testimonies, small or large, but always heroic, of those who choose in their own lives giving to others without reserve, giving up a bit’ themselves to make room for generosity, courage, forgiveness, altruism and charity.

The best stories bloom in silence and il Award, now in its ninth edition, gives them a voice, also choosing the most current.

The "Yes Man" has been designed and realized for the first time in 2007 on the occasion of the remembrance of the death of Domenico (29 March 1999) Association named after him. Frame of the event, that every year has seen a huge audience participation, l’Auditorium "Flaiano" Pescara.

To create the usual, exciting atmosphere of the award was the impressive performance of the sand artist Erika Abelardo who opened the meeting, modeling the sand accompanied by the notes of the piano Fabio D'Onofrio.

Soon after came on stage Antonella Allegrino, President of '' Association Domenico Allegrino Onlus ", who wanted to remember the meaning of the event and the peculiarity of this ninth edition: "Every year we choose to tell stories from extraordinary value because they speak, like few others, the value of altruism and openness to others. These, are stories of true solidarity and genuine altruism which are able to arouse in the public a special atmosphere of excitement and emotion. Not everyone can choose the path of legality, the most difficult and countercurrent, as he did in his community Domenico Fazzari dthe Gioia Tauro. They serve a lot of courage and selflessness also risk their lives every day as do the Fire Department. Just as it seems out of the ordinary forgiveness, and the fact that Mariella and Mino show no resentment for those who have panned the life of their daughter. The stories of this year also uNo other common thread, that is what binds them to current events. Lin the Assize Court of Bergamo issued Wednesday the sentence for double murder against the driver of the car that hit Eleonora. Even the story of Dominic lives today, in a time when more new investigations show that the mafia is not a phenomenon of the past and not just about the South, so there is always need to work hard to promote a different way of thinking. And finally, the story of the explosion of the factory in Villa Cypress acquired topical again since it was announced a few days ago the report of the Prosecutor of Pescara who analyzed, in depth, Because the. A pain that continues every day especially for family members, but also for firefighters, who faced each other together as a family and who always find the courage to move forward knowing that a fellow mission is no longer there and that with that job, all times, you look death in the face ".

The first to take the stage was Domenico Fazzari, founder in 2004 along with other boys of the social cooperative farm "Valley of the Marro ", on land confiscated from the 'Ndrangheta. Domenico said fearless "Yes" to the development of its social and civil community of Gioia Tauro, also thanks to the support of "Free", coordination of efforts between civil associations Italian best known in the fight against the mafia, born with the aim to promote the values ​​of law and justice. That of "Valley of the Marro" is un'iniziativa strong and determined. Challenge the gangs in the nerve center of their mentality: Instead of easy money and false promises, proposes the hard work of the earth; to combat the degradation, pursues the care of the land. The soils are reused to propose an economic system healthy, and this is uNo clear message of resistance that continues day after day Domenico, between sacrifices and difficulties. The fight against the mafia, indeed, you are not exhausted after the birth of the cooperative. Among intimidation, damage to structures and ultimately stealing oranges and part of the irrigation system, Dominic and the boys of "Valley of the Marro" not put off. Continue with farming, training activities, fields of volunteering, projects in schools and many other activities through which the plain of Gioia Tauro is flourishing.

The second prize was awarded to a representative of the Provincial Command of the Fire Department of Pescara, who became the protagonist of an act of great courage intervening immediately after the explosion of factory fireworks ”brothers Di Giacomo”, Villa Cypresses of Città Sant'Angelo, the 25 July 2013. The team on duty that day was made up Rolando Flacco, Gabriele Salvatorelli, Renato De Luca, Marcello Di Circle and Maurizio Berardinucci, who lost his life. In that tragic event have honored their uniform Firemen. They showed courage and selflessness also in dealing with the death of their fellow service Mauritius, clutching like a family around his wife and children. Even the wife of Berardinucci, Patrizia Colatriani, took the stage.

The third prize was awarded to Mariella and Mino Cantamessa, parents of Eleanor, hit by a car on 9 September 2013 while rescuing a boy beat the street. Mariella and Mino said "Yes Man" leaving aside the rancor and reaping the legacy of unconditional love for the coming of their daughter Eleanor. Eleonora Cantamessa, gynecologist Bergamo, was spent for others: visits overtime, free medical care to the most needy girls and a total availability to patients. The gesture of that 9 September when he stopped to help Baldev Kumar cost her life. Mariella's mother and father Mino testified altruism daughter in that episode of "Good Samaritan". A strong gesture, that has affected them so much to not feel resentment towards those who invested Eleonora, because the sign that their daughter has left is unconditional love for the next. The story of Eleanor returned topical: its Wednesday the Assize Court of Bergamo has indeed issued the sentence for double murder against Vicky Vicky, Indian accused of having invested his brother Baldev Kumar and Eleonora.

The award given to the guests was, as usual, work created unique pieces by the artist Nadia La Torre.

The awards were interspersed by the notes of the trumpet Jorge Gabriel Leak and pianist Fabio D'Onofrio who performed songs of hope, comfort and confidence to others.

The Auditorium was made "live" thanks to the vitality and curiosity of many students of Pescara and Chieti who attended the initiative. In particular, were present: the Comprehensive School Pescara 2 with Plexus "Via Cerulli"; the Comprehensive School Pescara 4 with Plexus "Pastures"; the Comprehensive School Pescara 6 with Plexus "Benedetto Croce"; the Comprehensive School Pescara 7 with Plexus "Antonelli"; Istituto Superiore Di Marzio - Michetti Pescara; the Higher Institute of Chieti Pomilio. All schools have received as a gift by the "Domenico Allegrino" books on solidarity and teaching materials for the conduct of school activities.

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