“There is a growing solidarity, grows the man ", final event and award ceremony of the tenth edition of the contest sponsored by "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus

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For ten years, the Association "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus operates in order to exercise real solidarity. And this was one of the recurring themes of the special appointment for ten years now soul, with increasing success, the beginning of the year for volunteers and members of the Association. So it was on the occasion of’final event of the X edition of the "growing solidarity, grows the man ", which also saw the prize of the tenth edition of the annual competition of photography, design, poetry and free thought promoted and produced by.

As every year the competition, completely free of charge, there was massive participation of over a thousand people, Guests from small nurseries and many schools involved in many adults, demonstrating that the theme embraces and affects all generations. Participated in the competition 11 Schools and the province of Pescara and the winners, rewarded with a certificate and with the delivery of the calendar that contains their work, were 139, including 5 grown ups.

The winning works this afternoon have been included on the calendar 2015 Association, one of the most significant evidence of the relationship between the NPO and the territory, which is distributed free of charge.

This year we could not choose different theme - Said the President, Antonella Allegrino – “There is a growing solidarity, man grows, is not just a title or a slogan but is our very mission as Onlus. Exercise solidarity means for us, for ten years, work effectively to open their eyes to the difficulties, discomforts, the "wounds" of those who live on our own territory to help solve, in the sign of gratuity, some small and big problems. A solidarity necessary to live thinking to other, because you can not be happy alone, and each of us, small or large, can reach out to those who most need to support him and welcome him into an embrace of brotherhood. But solidarity and above all useful, because exercising it day by day we can build, all together, a better society. That's why they are the ten years that we do and we will continue not only to say, but to do concretely, actions to ensure that the seed of the positive solidarity continues to grow and spread”.

Spoke at the event pupils and teachers schools Pescara, Montesilvano, Spoltore, Peoples and Capistrano, who joined the competition.

Very charming and engaging was the performance of Erica Abelardo, in arte "Eka", multifaceted artist with his show of "sand art", a charming and elegant form of expression practiced by few in the world, opened the event passionate the audience with illustrations inspired by solidarity, created live by manipulating the sand on a light table with the background of magical piano notes of Michele Di Toro, also present in the room.

The event was also marked by the spectacle of dance made of notes, light and sound show staged by girls students of the dancing teacher Paola D'Intino and by the performance of Andy Micarelli who presented, for the first time live, “Today I feel Allegrino”, the song written and composed by the same Micarelli and Carletti Alessandro Orsini on the occasion of ten years of activity of the association. The piece is part of the compilation "Live the Life”, a project in collaboration with the label "Music Force" to give support to the many activities carried out by the non-profit organization and has seen membership and free participation of the artists Andy Micarelli, Carletti Alessandro Orsini, Gae Campana, Roberta Pagani, Emilano Cannavò and band “Impulse”, "Konrad" and "Queen".

It should be noted, at last, that the initiative follows the first nine editions respectively entitled: “Grandparents wealth for life”, year 2006; “Pace Pace Pace”, year 2007; “What color is the skin of God?”, year 2008; “Our Mother Earth”, year 2009; “Who finds a friend finds a treasure”, year 2010; “Free and equal"Year 2011; “Sister water, source of life”, year 2012; “We and the Others”, year 2013; “The tree and its roots”, year 2014. Each edition was dedicated to a topic of particular interest for the community and for the territory.

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