“You the Man, National Award Domenico Allegrino 2014”: the stories of Marina Di Zio, Zelinda Elmi, Francesca Fegadoli.

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Talk to people to people. That's why every year is always followed with such a large transport and the involvement National Award "Yes Man, Domenico Allegrino ", now in its eighth edition. Certain, people who tell their stories are simple people but also special, courageous, strong and noble soul. They are people that life has put a strain but who were able to collect and win the challenge fate has launched their.

The "Yes Man" has been designed and realized for the first time in 2007 on the occasion of the remembrance of the death of Domenico (29 March 1999) Association named after him. Frame of the event, as in previous years, the Auditorium "Flaiano" in Pescara.

L’evento, after the screening of two video presentation of the activities of the association, opened immediately in the name of music, thanks to the participation of the Choir "The Precious Gospel Singers"Pescara. Il Gospel, not the case, is the music of joy, of hope, of liberation. This Choir, that after having opened the meeting is again intervened during and closing event, was established in 2004 of Giulia Martella and, since its debut today, has received numerous awards and has been invited to important events in various Italian cities. In all were 7 the famous songs reinterpreted by many members of the Gospel Choir.

After the music, the words.

The first to take the stage was Antonella Allegrino, President of the Association "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus, who recalled the significance of the event: “Every year we celebrate ordinary men and women who make the news for the courage and the strength with which to face or have faced special screw; people who dedicate their lives to others, Witnesses difficulties, inconvenience, poverty, wounds that in many cases remain without any comfort. This year we have chosen three very different stories but all marked by the extraordinary fortitude of those here today is to be awarded. The three stories of Marina Di Zio, Zelinda Elmi and Francesca Fegadoli, There are three stories that scream to the world a huge desire to live, in spite of everything, nonostante destination beffardo, as in the case of Marina and her son Michael, or health problems as Zelinda and again for the two children lost to Francesca. There are three testimonies not only of authentic solidarity but also on the beauty of life and existence, on its meaning, that we wanted to share with the audience and in particular with the many school children of Pescara and Chieti who followed the event ".

The people who this year received the special prize of the "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus are three.

To receive the award was first Francesca Fegadoli, founding member of the association "Communion Mariana", wife and mother of three children, but that has already faced five shares of natural.

I wanted to see her alive, even if only for a moment. Volevo to benedirl. I wanted to, I wanted to, I wanted to…”. This was the thought fixed Francesca because every life, also would last only a few minutes, Beauty shines. So, despite a doomed before conception, Francesca has decided to create and bring to heaven first and then Mattia, 8 years after, Chiara, to donate their eternity. Today, after five natural parts, Francesca is a mother of three beautiful children: Giulia, Daniele, Enter.

After her onstage is climbing Zelinda Elmi to receive the second recognition of the day. Zelinda is a woman suffering from a rare form of disability, which over the years has not allowed his body to grow taller (is in fact high 80 cm.) but that has not affected his mind. Writer and author of the autobiographical book "A small, greatly vita ", Zelinda has been able to accept his physical diversity finding, by faith, the key to discovering the joy, that resides in human relationships deeper and more authentic. His was a witness on his own life and live peacefully on the deep value of existence.

After a second intervention of the Gospel Choir with the interpretation of the other two tracks, is the time of the award of Marina Di Zio, mother of the young Michael Alanno, tragically passed away a little over two months ago, last 20 January, after a tragic motorcycle accident as a result of which the family has consented, despite the immense pain, to organ donation in an act of great selflessness that gave life to other people.

Marina, on stage to tell this poignant story of pain and response to an inexorable fate, he rode with emotion the pain of those days and told what still is doing to raise awareness among young, and PRIMIS those who knew Michael directly, on many topics related to life and solidarity.

And third ospiti, as every year, were rewarded with a work created unique pieces by the artist Nadia La Torre.

All’evento, in addition to, There were more than 200 boys 6 schools, particular:

1) Secondary school level I “ILARIA ALPI” (Classi 1^ A e 1^ B);

2) Secondary school level I”Pescara 6, B. CROSS” (Classi 1^ A e 1^ B);

3) Secondary school level I “Pescara 7, ANTONELLI” (1 class);

4) Secondary school degree “OF MARZIO – MICHETTI” (OF MARZIO, Classe 4^ BOD, sector health and social services; MICHETTI, Classes 4 ^ ASS health and social services and 4th BSS health and social services);


6) “Itis meet in its” of Chieti (And’ the school that he attended the young Michael Narducci).

As part of the gift, in a period of great hardship also for Schools, the Association "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus wanted to give classes occurred, teaching materials useful for the performance of their activities.

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