"The tree and its roots”, awards ceremony for the winners of the ninth edition of the contest sponsored by the “Domenico Allegrino”.

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With the presentation of awards to a large representation of more than one thousand participants, ended the ninth edition of the photo competition, design, free thought and poetry promoted and carried out by the "Domenico Allegrino Onlus" on "THE TREE AND ITS ROOTS: THE PLACE WHERE I LIVE, HERE'S HOW I WILL I SEE”, inspired by the bond of identity between our citizens and the place where we live.

As every year, the competition promoted by the "Domenico Allegrino" Onlus, completely free of charge, there has been a massive participation of participants, by little guests of the kindergartens and the many schools involved in many adults, demonstrating that the theme embraces and affects all generations.

The winning works have been included in this event on the calendar 2014 Association, one of the most significant evidence of the relationship between the NPO and the territory, which is distributed free of charge.

This year's theme " - Said the President, Antonella Allegrino – “was born with the intention of offering a starting point for reflection and awareness of the importance of the place where we live. And’ a place that belongs to us: Our images are, emotions, the feelings that it gives us in everyday life. In every place there is always a little bit of us. City, country or country which is, landscapes, faces, traditions, history, the facts which characterize our environment are small paintings, belli o brutti, that will remain forever in the minds and hearts. The place is our community, big or small, soaked events near and remote. Accade eats an ad albero, that feeds the soil through its roots ".

The event was attended by institutional representatives of the municipalities whose alumni have joined the competition and in particular: the Mayor of Spoltore, Luciano Di Lorito; the Mayor of Montesilvano, Attilio Di Mattia, the Mayor of Peoples, Concezio Galli.

The event was opened by the girls and boys in the gym "Prime" of Pescara, that they performed in a short dance show, lights and sounds inspired by the theme of solidarity.

This also Brothers Aurelio, in arte ‘NDuccio, who entertained the guests with a nice speech on the topic of volunteering and the value of the place in which we live.

It should be noted, at last, that the initiative follows the first eight editions, respectively entitled "Grandparents wealth for life", year 2006, “Pace Pace Pace”, year 2007, "What color is the skin of God?”, year 2008, "Our Mother Earth", year 2009, "Who finds a friend finds a treasure", year 2010, "Free and Equal" year 2011, "Sister Water, source of life ", year 2012 and "The Others and Us", year 2013.

Each edition was dedicated to a topic of particular interest to the community and the region.

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